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  17. Horace Grant mid-80s Salesman Sample jersey
  18. Khalil Greene 2001 Game Worn Jersey
  19. Team Issued Baseball Glove--
  20. 2013 Nike Superbad Lockup
  21. 1981 National Championship Football Stand
  22. Nike custom arm sweat bands
  23. Sammy Watkins Gloves and Cleats
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  35. Champs Sports Bowl Jersey
  36. Merriweather Home Game Jersey
  37. Raymond Priester Centennial Helmet
  38. Jason Hollowman #76 Game Helmet Signed
  39. Coaches Game Hats
  40. Nike Pro Combat Game Used Football Pants
  41. Game Used Football Archive
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  43. Centennial GU uniform
  44. 1982 Orange Bowl Pants
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  46. Tajh Boyd Helmet
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  48. Old Clemson Helmet
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  50. Anyone ever see a game used football?
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