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I thought I would create this for everyone who likes a drink every now and then and would like to share what they like and what they would recommend to everyone else.

This week I tried the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. It was very good. It is a beer that is aged in bourbon barrels for a bit. only problem is, is that is is $12 a 4-pack.

oh lord i have had a lot of different beers. I do have to say my favorite casual beer is Miller Lite, and I like Sweetwater and microbreweries for a dark lager for a sipping beer.

Tiger Man 94:
I just bought the Yuengling Oktoberfest and it is actually good. It is not over the moon good, but it does have a good taste

German beers are my favorite, several different brews, they just have a better flavor than most American brews...but I do like Sam Adams, Yuengling, and Bud Lite from time to time

I like german beers as well. I am more into the dark lagers right now. Just wish that some of these "imports" were not so expensive just for a six pack.


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