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Is the new basketball facility still going to be named Littlejohn Coliseum and what will the capacity going to be?

That is a very good question. I have heard there will be more seating for students and closer to the court, but do not know the actual capacity. They have renovated Littlejohn before, so I expect it to stay Littlejohn.

I heard they were just updating it to be more modern. Pretty sure they will stick with Littlejohn.

I thought they were decreasing the student section, but not by much. Believe this is just a renovation, so they will keep the name.

Tiger Man 94:
Second on them decreasing the student section. But they are making room for other things closer to the court. From what I saw in the renderings, it looks like it will be really nice. Oh and they can't change the name, people would be pissed.


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