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Our Restoration and Preservation Project (Athletic Museum)

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We are starting to collect game used items to clean, restore, and preserve for future generations. Eventually we will have these items on display in businesses downtown, and working on getting them in the future Clemson Museum (if they build one). Everything we bring in is thoroughly cleaned, and preserved, keeping all of the elements out and making sure they do not incur any UV damage.  Eventually everything will be donated to Clemson or the original owners ( Or the players or their family) for a permanent home. Everything we gather will be professionally restored/preserved, and will never be sold. We are not in this to make money, but to make sure the history of Clemson is not lost.

**For Current and Previous Athletes: If you donate something for us to display downtown, we will take care of all framing, cleaning, etc. You may retrieve your item(s) at any time, and they will be returned to you within 30 working days of your request, as they will be taken down and pulled from the frame and/or display case. Each item will be processed, bar coded, and indexed so that you will know where your items are, at all times.

If you have something you are selling, or even would like to donate, please contact us at

We can also clean and restore certain items for you. You can also contact us about restorative services. 

**UPDATED 02-25-2015**
We have created a site for our project. You can visit it by going to

**UPDATED 01-04-2015**
We have talked to the city administrator of the City of Clemson, Rick Cotton, and they are planning on building a visitor's center next to Judge Kellers in downtown within the year. We are currently trying to figure out the details such as insurance, but we are compiling an inventory list and hopefully we will be showcasing the items we currently have, and future items as well. Planning on having them rotated out throughout each year.

Items that we have restored, cleaned and preserved:

- 22 Jersey's (1966-2013)
- 8 pairs of Gloves
- 2 pairs of cleats
- 16 Helmets (1969-2013)
- 3 Misc Items

& more coming!

We will not post a complete detailed list of what items we have due to people harassing us to sell the items and for security reasons, but if you are interested in showcasing some of these items in Clemson, please email us and we can send you a list of what we have available.

Outstanding idea.

I really like this. Is the museum going to be in the new construction area?


Since we are finished with the Dawkins helmet, we are now working on this Rodney Williams helmet.

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