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Fake Whitehurst Jersey on ebay


After looking at the photos ya'll posted on here of REAL jersey's and looking at the ones on the ebay listing, you can definitely tell this one is one of those blank jersey's and someone just put a number on it.

Here is the link. BEWARE

The guy even says "rest assured this is not one of those" in referring to a fake jersey. He says it is a size 40 and I know Whitehurst did not wear a 40. That is a small jersey. Whitehurst is a big guy. He also states that he bought it from a surplus sale, but I don't recall this style jersey ever being at one of the sales, as it has been a LONG time since they had one and the last one I went to, it was the previous jersey style. Could be wrong though, but the stitching on those numbers looks a little suspect to me.

I just don't trust those jersey's on ebay anymore. Way too many fakes for the effort. I know some of you can tell right off the bat, but I really do not know much. Thanks to everyone here, I have learned a good bit though.


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