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Brian Dawkins Helmet Restoration

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We have received a helmet believed to be Dawkins' helmet, and have confirmed that it was his. The story behind this find is truly extraordinary.

The person that we received the helmet from said that him and a few friends went dumpster diving behind the Athletic Department one day back around 1994. He said that they found a bunch of cool stuff just thrown away. Among the items were equipment bags, helmets, helmet parts, facemasks, shoulder pads, etc.

Among the items was this helmet with the name "Dawkins" and "14" on an orange dymo label.

We were skeptical that Clemson would just throw away stuff like this, but apparently if a helmet had too many "battle scars" or would not be able to be re-certified" they were just thrown away.
We received a tweet from Brian that confirms that it was indeed his helmet as they only people that would know his locker number would be him, and the AD.
“@TigerFanForum: Our restoration & preservation project just took an interesting turn! @BrianDawkins” >> my locker #— Brian Dawkins (@BrianDawkins) January 16, 2015
--- End quote ---

The helmet is in rough shape as it is missing the stripes, correct facemask, some inner padding and one of the side paws. We will be restoring this piece of Clemson history and will put it on display downtown with the rest of our stuff late this year.

Had a few parts come in today. Hoping to have this one and Harold Coleman's helmet finished by the end of February.

Going to post a pic when done?

Such an odd story. Can't believe they would just throw that stuff away.

I wonder what that helmet is worth.


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