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Clemson Russell Athletic Bowl jersey sells for $325


The John McLendon Minority Scholarship Foundation had an auction of a game used jersey that was worn during the 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando on Dec. 29. Apparently it was sent to the Foundation directly from the Clemson athletics department. The hammer fell today around 4pm and sold for $325.

The question is, who wore it?

Looking at the pictures provided, you can tell it has some good game use, but by NCAA rules, it is missing the nameplate.

The only person who wore the number 42 on the Clemson roster is Stephone Anthony, but he wore a captain's "C" during that game, and it seems like it is missing if it is his jersey.

What are your thoughts?

Maybe it was a warmup jersey?? I looked at that "C" and it should be same material as the numbers, so honestly not sure how it would be removed without damaging the jersey. We all know that Anthony was the one who wore 42, so honestly at a loss of words unless it was a second jersey as a backup.

I'd would've liked to have bid on that jersey..

We are in talks with Clemson equipment. Trying to figure out who wore this jersey, as apparently Anthony has his jersey from the RAB framed. Maybe he had a backup, and maybe he wore one for the first half, and one for the second half.


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