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Tiger Man 94:
Thought I would start a thread to see if anyone wanted to talk about it. I am happy with how we are doing so far, but I am about tired of these weather delays. Also last game was great on how  we came back and scored like what? 10 runs in a single inning? Good lord. Beer has to be the Watson of baseball. If he keeps this up, pro scouts are going to be clamoring for him.

Beer is a great player. Sucks that we lost to OK state. Maybe we will see us do better next year. Just fitting that we beat FSu for the ACC title.

Considering it was Monte's first season as head coach and we won the ACC for first time since 2006 things are looking up. Out of all the national seed regionals Clemson had the most difficult.

I just hope it wasn't a one time thing.


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