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Stupid people on ebay


Lol, ever since we won a natty, everyone thinks their stuff is worth their weight in gold. I attached a pic of what I am talking about. The white jersey is maybe worth $40-50, and the throwback around $100. A lot of these style jerseys have been popping up, esp the throwbacks. Seen 4 in the past month or two.

Truthfully he can ask whatever he wants, he may not get it, but he can. I do think 500 is too high for those jersey's though.

At most 140 is a realistic price for those...

The price does seem a bit high. The last centennial that sold at auction on ebay went for about $100.

The last one that I saw was bought for 170..he didn't do an auction on it though.....guy was doing an estate sell of all Clemson memorabilia for a friend who had just lost her husband....


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