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Author Topic: Clemson names spring dean’s list  (Read 942 times)

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Clemson names spring dean’s list
« on: May 27, 2014, 06:40:30 PM »
Clemson Names Spring Dean’s List

The following students at Clemson University have been named to the dean’s list for the 2014 spring:

Laura Teague Albenesius, Katherine Nicole Alimpich, Sara C Beeland, Mary Elizabeth J. Brennan, Breanna Kierspe Burkes, Kylie Elizabeth Burkes, Nicole Reed Burkhart, Brian Christopher Campbell, Maria Nicole Caniglia, Carrie Leigh Crowder, Andrea Nicole Dicks, Jenna K. Evans, Claire E. Evans, Nikki Katrina Fischbach, Tyler Matthew Floyd, Orion William Flurett, Nathaniel Joseph Foutch, Alex Michael Gay, Meegian Alicia Gossard, Samantha Jill Hallman, Abigail Smith Hamman, Kinsey Cara Hammond Beyer, Renata M. Hansen, Robert Michael Hass, Erina Hoshi, Haley Ellen Hunt, Jonathon Edward Josephson, Emily Lynn Judd, Shannon Ruth Kenneally, Amanda Marie Key, Stephen Wayne Landeene, Paul Nathanael Landeene, Courtney Elizabeth Lee, Ryan Christopher Maddrey, Katelyn Ann Marbert, Abigail C. Marbert, Samuel Peyton McGill II, Jillian Elisa Milanes, Kylie Lynn Mills, Cary Lynn Nabors, Richard Isaac Nesbitt, Maury Janelle Nichols, Max Montague Nichols, Zeel Hiren Patel, Lauren Renee Pearson, Rachael Lee Perkins, Clayton Andrew Poteat, William Everett Rabon, Kristin Elizabeth Racel, Collin Frederik Ray, Spencer Tatum Riehl , Joshua Hany Roman, Christopher L. Schifer, Kellsey Elizabeth Simmons, Matthew Thomas Simpson, Allen Gibson Solomons, Courtney Brooke Stevens, Michelle Wing-Kue Tam, Phoebe Colleen Taylor, Daniel B. Taylor II, Francis Asbury Townsend IV , John Steven Truesdell, Jeremy Brian Walton, Mary C. West, Robert Kladivko Wiesner, Vincent James Winkler, Emily Megan Yaun, Tyler Jenkins Young, Danielle Liane Dunnagan, Myers Addison Enlow, Jacob K. Goforth, Trent M. Miller, Reid McKie Miller, Kinsley Lynn Reeves, George M. Thompson, Lindsey E. Harris, Jerrod Mathew Longfellow, Morgan Ellen Reed, Ryan Nicholas Arthur, Christopher Ryan Crumley, Nicholas T. Scoggins, Luke Brundage Watson, Helen Jefferies Holstein, Victor Manuel Quintero, Rebecca Elizabeth Watson, Brittany Leighann Bolin, Shelby Grace Stephens, Rajan Nilesh Amin, Gregory Roy Angeloff III, Glenn W. Barnes Jr., Brooke Raye Busby, Alison L. Cercy, Marina Joanne Clements, Jacob Luke Collins, Kelsey F. Cox, Ashley Elizabeth Crawford, Anna K. Dyches, Shelby Mae Ewart, Anna Nicole Flouras, Jordan Alexander Gamble, Mark Andrew Griffith, Carleigh Layne Hamilton, Ashleigh Nicole Hamilton, Megan Ann Jessee, Ashlyn Christine Kelly, Stephen Michael Lint, Grace Elizabeth Manci, Veeander Sheldonia Mealing, Adam W. Parler, Mary Louise Pawlowski, Hannah J. Reese, Zachary Phillip Richardson, Rachel Alexandra Riley, Sydney Peyton Scaggs, Re’ven Cierra Markitta Smalls, Benjamin Roy Smith Jr., Cody Jonathan Smoldt , Jonathan Andrew Snyder, Kaitlyn Anna Spieker, Daniel J. Thomas, Destinee Simone Wilson, Alexandria Nicole Zimmerman, Morgan McGee Derrick, Blair Beekman Derrick, Taylor Paige Gomillion, Sonora Benita Jo Williams, Colby Winona Williams, Alexander Mat Coleman, Zontavius Vidale Johnson, Rebekah C. Miller, Joshua Davis Nicholson, Lauren Nordin, Brandon Erik Padgett, Natalie Nicole Proctor , Jon Tanner Quattlebaum, Marinelle Riley, Zachary Ransom Rita, Ebony M. Johnson, Marisa Sue Finlayson, Samuel Carlos Leguizamon, Gabrielle Nicole Bates, Virginia Berlene Shipes, Mary Scott Valentine, To be named to the dean’s list, a student must have a GPA between 3.5 and 4.0.

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